Tube Ice Machine

1/ Quick Details Condition: New Capacity: 20,000kg /24h Place of Origin: Guangdong, China (Mainland) Brand Name: Koller Model Number:TV200 Ice Shape: tube ice Voltage: 380V/50HZ/3P or 220V/60HZ/3P or 440V/60Hz/3P Power(W):75,000 Dimension(L*W*H): Refrigeration unit: 2800mm*2130mm*2100 mm(L*W*H)...

Product Details

1/ Quick Details
Capacity: 20tons/24h
Tube ice dimension: ø20mm*30mm/ø28mm*35mm/ø34mm*45mm/ø40mm*50mm
Freezing time: 20 to 30 minutes
Model Number: TV200
Ice Shape:Cylinder & Transparent ice
Voltage: 380V/50Hz/3P,415V/50Hz/3P,220V/60Hz/3P,380V/60Hz/3P,440V/60Hz/3P
Refrigeration unit: 2800mm*2130mm*2100mm(L*W*H)
Evaporator drum: 1600mm*1250mm*4800mm(L*W*H)
Cooling tower: 2900mm*2900mm*2370 mm(L*W*H)
Weight: Tube ice maker part & refrigeration system are separated
Control system: Siemens PLC program control
Material: seamless SUS304 stainless steel
Refrigerant: R22 or R404a
Compressor Brand: Bitzer/Refcomp/Hanbell
Refrigeration Components: Danfoss
Cooling way: Water cooling
Brand Name: Koller
Place of Origin: Guangdong, China (Mainland)


2/ Description
2.1. Tube ice introduction

The shape of the ice tube is a hollow cylinder with an outer diameter of 20mm,28mm,34mm,40mm. Length ranging from 30mm to 50mm, and 5mm to 10mm in bore, adjustable by freezing time. The ice is tasteless,hygienic,transparent,good-looking,uniform in shape and completely in line with food standards, which can be directly eaten for human consumption.



2.2. Application
2.2.1 Human consumption ice plant
2.2.2 Port ice plant
2.2.3 Frozen drinks, wines, cold foods, ice cream and keep fresh etc.
2.2.4 Widely used in hotel, cafes, bars, KTV, restaurants, catering, supermarkets, ballroom, etc.
2.2.5 Presevation of aquatic products and food
2.2.6 Logistics preservation
2.2.7 Chemical and concrete engineering



2.3 Size
As it is water cooling system, it is consisted of two parts:machinery unit and cooling tower,they are connected by water pumps and water pipes.
Refrigeration unit: 2800mm*2130mm*2100 mm(L*W*H)
Evaporator drum: 1600mm*1250mm*4800mm(L*W*H)
Cooling tower: 2900mm*2900mm*2370mm(L*W*H)

2.4 Why choose our tube ice machine
◆ We can also customize completely solid ice if you required.
◆ The mainframe is made of SUS304 stainless steel. It can be put into the food production room, has the advantages of small occupied area, low production cost, high freezing efficiency, energy saving, short installation period and convenient operation.
◆ The ice is quite thick and transparent, beautiful, long storage, not easy to melt, good permeability.
◆ Main application: daily using, vegetable preservation, ocean fishery fresh-keeping, chemical processing, construction engineering and other places that need ice.


3/ Parameter


4/ Packing & Delivery
Packing Details: TV200 20tons tube ice machine is packed with bubble film or plywood case
Delivery Details: 34~45 working days after receiving advance payment


5/ Production process


6/ Installation and Warranty
6.1 Installing by Koller engineers:
(1) Our engineer will provide technical support and train your workers. The buyer should provide accommodation and round-trip ticket for our engineer.
(2) The installation place, electricity, water and installation tools should be prepared before our engineers'arrival.  
(3) All spare parts are provided based on our standard. 
(4) 2~ 3 workers are required to assist the installation for big project.
(5) Free of charge for one week. It will be charged from the 8th day, USD100/day for one person as installation fee.


6.2. Warranty:
6.2.1 12 months after delivery.
6.2.2 Professional after sales department to provide technical support, all complaints should be replied within 24 hours.
6.2.3 Spare parts are replaced free of charge during the warranty period.


7/ Our projects


A. 8tons ice block machine(Congo)
B. 10tons tube ice machine(Australia)
C. 25tons ice block machine(Jordan)
D. Automatic ice packing system(Australia)
E. Cube, flake, tube ice machine(Benin)
F. Cube ice machine(China)
G. Cold room(China) 
H. Block, cube ice machine(Indonesia)


8/ FAQ
Q: Are you trading company or manufacturer ?

A: We are manufacturer.
Q: What's your brand of the solenoid valve for your TV200 machine?
A: Danfoss brand.
Q: How long can the tube ice keep freezing?
A: It depends on the local temperature, the way you pile up the ice etc.

For more information, please feel free to contact us.


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