The Wide Application Of Flake Ice Machine

- Dec 26, 2017 -

Flake ice machine, is a kind of ice-making machine, generally used in supermarkets, hotel bar, fruit and vegetable preservation, aquatic and meat food processing, poultry slaughter, fishing fisheries, chemical dyes, medical equipment, industrial ice machine, the production of ice is flaky, ice can be made from fresh water, can also be made from brine, slices of ice as thin, Dry, loose-shaped white ice with a thickness of 10 mm to 15 mm, irregularly shaped, about 12 to 45 mm in diameter.

Ice without sharp edges and corners, does not stab frozen objects, can enter the gap between the cooling, reduce heat exchange, maintain ice temperature, and have a good moisturizing effect, ice cooling effect excellent, there is large refrigeration, rapid characteristics, so the ice machine is widely used in food processing, manufacturing, and concrete cooling and so on.

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