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Notice Of Placing Of Refrigerated Goods

- Dec 26, 2017 -

1, detailed record of the location of merchandise storage, if any changes, must promptly notify the information staff.

2, commodity storage, stacking code should be in line with the "safe, convenient, economical" principle, so that stacking neat, stable, beautiful, vertical and horizontal line, as far as possible to maintain a neat end.

3, according to the nature of the commodity and packaging specifications, to take the appropriate stacking methods, such as: pressure-type, shrink-type, overlapping type, such as stack type, prohibit direct stacking heap code, on the temperature and humidity and ventilation requirements of the goods, the use of ventilation type stack type.

4, merchandise in the library stacking display, to use shelves or pads, plate fork to the side of the roadway, the use of pad stacking alone, line and line to neat; when there is shelf, the plate on the shelves to be neat and consistent.

5. The label of the box or commodity will be outward, such as name, commodity code or item number.

6. In the process of storing goods, we should abide by the principle of putting the goods together according to the classification.

7, the shipping rate is high, large shipments of goods placed in the shipping area near the place, easy to ship.

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