Ice-making Mechanism Ice Slow What's The Reason

- Dec 26, 2017 -

Ice-making is slow three points may: 1. The power of the machine is small (the appropriate increase of ice-making time); 2. The refrigerant is not enough, the loss is lost (the maintenance part of the charge); 3. Refrigerator has leakage; the ice is not in many cases due to insufficient refrigeration time (near the cooling film preferred icing)

Some ice-making machine has a storage tank, can automatically adjust the working state of winter and summer, if there is no storage tank, summer can be normal ice, winter can not be, may be an overdose of cold, measured low pressure, if used R22, should be under 0.25MPA, above 0.3MPA will be icing difficult.

Ice-making machine needs the shortest amount of time to freeze ice cubes, which is the maximum amount of cold in a unit of time. is to statistics by seconds, freezer refrigerator, etc. is to 24 hours for a unit to statistics, cold quantity is insufficient, can be extended time to obtain.

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