How To Clean And Maintain The Ice-making Confidential

- Dec 26, 2017 -

1, cleaning ice machine should turn off the power supply, do not use water pipe directly aimed at the body of the ice machine for flushing, with water, add a moderate amount of neutral detergent (strictly prohibited with acid, alkaline and other corrosive solvents) to wipe the ice machine equipment and liner, and then use Rob to clean.

2, ice machine must be a two-month turn open the water hose pipe head, clean the inlet valve strainer, to avoid cement impurities plugging in the inlet, the surface water to become small, insufficient water, hydraulic pressure, resulting in ice-making machine.

3, the second month must sweep the condenser surface, cannot use the sharp metal tool sweeping, lest damage the condenser.

4, Ice machine water pipes, sinks, storage refrigerators and protective film to clean every two months, when not in use, should be clean, and hair dryer blowing dry ice mold and the water in the box, put in non-corrosive gas and ventilated dry place, to avoid open storage.

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