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Equipment Advantages Of Flake Ice Machine

- Dec 26, 2017 -

1, Ice machine using PLC programmable control system to achieve control, stable performance, safe and reliable, the user can be controlled according to the amount of electricity at will automatically turn on the ice machine automatic boot and downtime, to achieve energy saving, automatic control.

2, flake ice machine and other ice-making machines, ice time faster, boot 1 minutes on the ice, continuous out of ice, with the open with, convenient and simple.

3, the cost is low, the production cost of ice is very economical, will 16 degrees Celsius water refrigeration becomes 1 tons of ice only need about 80 degrees electricity.

4, Ice machine installed high and low pressure, water, limit, overload and other protective devices, more enhanced the safety and stability of ice-making machine, allowing users to make ice without the need for direct power to stop ice making. The evaporator has simple structure and high versatility, so it is reliable and easy to maintain.

5, the ice machine is fully automatic control, the operator just click on the switch can be operated, evaporator materials are imported 304 stainless steel material or heat efficiency of carbon steel surface plating hard nobelium treatment, to ensure that the ice bucket super corrosion-resistant function and the clean health of borneol.

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