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The operating process of ice-making machine

- Dec 26, 2017 -

⑴ before boot must check whether the automatic water supply device is normal, whether the water tank is reasonable (the factory has been adjusted to the water level, the user can not be adjusted).

⑵ plug in the power, the ice machine began to work, first pump began to run (the pump has a short air exhaust process) about 2 minutes after the compressor began to start, the machine into the ice-making state.

⑶ when the ice thickness reaches the set thickness, the ice plate probe starts, the defrost solenoid valve begins to work, the pump stops working, the hot air enters the evaporator, about 1 minutes ice drops. When the ice is falling, turn the ice sheet upside down and open the reed switch. When the reed switch is closed again, the machine enters another ice-making process.

The ⑷ compressor is not shut down during the whole process of ice making and ice removal.

⑸ when the ICE storage barrel is full, the reed switch cannot be closed automatically, the machine stops working automatically, when enough ice is taken away, the reed switch is closed, the machine starts after 3 minutes delay and enters the ice-making process again.

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