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The method of saving energy in cold storage

- Dec 26, 2017 -

1, to prevent evaporation temperature is too low. Carry on the effective maintenance to the refrigerated door, ensure that the refrigerator door is open and close, check the performance of the sealing strip and the electric wire regularly, handle ice, frost, water at any time, keep the tightness of the refrigerator door, prevent the vehicle from colliding with the library door.

2. Prevent condensation pressure from being too high. Add cotton curtain or PVC soft curtain to the inside of the door.

3. Prevent the exhaust temperature from being too high. Exhaust temperature is too high, will make the lubrication of the compressor deterioration, increase friction, increase energy consumption, at the same time, high exhaust temperature will make the refrigerant gas and cylinder wall heat exchange enhanced, resulting in compressor efficiency, compressor cylinder cooling bad. Increase cooling water, improve cooling conditions, compressor suction too much heat, improve suction pipe insulation or increase the amount of evaporator, inspiratory pressure is too low, the solution with "prevent evaporation temperature is too low", condensation pressure is too high, the solution with "prevent condensation pressure too high."

4, prevent impurities into the refrigeration system. Try to reduce the number of open doors and opening time, so that the door closed.

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