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Main classification of ice-making machine

- Dec 26, 2017 -

Ice-making machines can be divided into commercial ice-making machines, household ice-making machines, industrial ice-making machines.

Ice-making machine from the shape of the ice: there are granular ice (cylindrical, square, month type), Snowflake, flake ice, plate ice, Gingbing, as well as the latest development of spherical ice.

The ice-making method is divided into spraying type, flowing water type and immersion type.

Cylindrical ice is generally spray-type ice making, this ice-making method, freezing point low, up to -20℃ below, cylindrical surface between the small contact surface, not easy to stick into a group, with ice convenient. Cylindrical ice cubes of high hardness, low temperature, ice crystal clear, suitable for the cooling of the wine, the slower melting speed will not dilute the wine, and affect the taste of the wine, cylindrical ice-making machine is the disadvantage of low production ice, generally used in the production of small desktop ice-making machine.

Scale ice temperature of -6℃~-12 ℃, the most suitable for industrial processing and perishable goods transport cooling, often used in supermarkets fresh Taiwan seafood display, large scale ice can also be used in cement plants, chemical plants, rou, marine fishery and so on.

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