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Ice-making machine ice cubes should be suitable for the place

- Dec 26, 2017 -

A. Round ice: Suitable for bars/hotels/restaurants/entertainment venues, etc. It is the best choice for wine/drink.

B. Square Ice: Applicable to food services/restaurants (pre-made ice drinks)/camping site (with automatic ice-vending machine)/carbonated salt water drinks.

C. Snow ice: Suitable for cafes/hotels/restaurants/supermarkets/hospitals/laboratories/chemicals etc.

D. Phosphorus-shaped ice: applicable to fish processing/supermarket/meat processing/food industry/industry.

E. Profiled ice: Suitable for ice display/salad bar/Room service/carbonate beverages.

F. Ore block ice: Suitable for ice display/salad bar/snack industry/carbonate beverages.

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