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Characteristics of container ice-making unit

- Dec 26, 2017 -

Container ice-making unit, mainly designed for large-scale chemical and concrete engineering, can also be used for large-scale chemical, fishing port, artificial ski, the container as a carrier, will be a number of ice-making units and the corresponding electrical control set, and equipped with automatic ice storage, ice delivery system, as an integrated cooling system, to achieve automatic ice mode, It has the following features:

1, double insulation layer structure, cold air can be unblocked circulation;

2, the top of the installation of air cooler, so that the temperature in the library to maintain-10 degrees, ice can be kept dry and fragile, easy to transport;

3, the built-in Harrow ice body, continuously loose and move the heap to the export place;

4, equipped with the ice sensor device, so that the ice Harrow always remain above the ice.

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