Industrial Ice Cube Machine

Industrial Ice Cube Machine

Ice Cube Machine has firstly adopted the three leading technologies: adjustable ice thickness, automatic water supplying, automatic ice freezing and ice falling. It is an edible ice cube machine, and has completely solved the problems of uneven ice thickness and ice falling difficulties, which are caused by changing ambient temperature and water pressure gap.

Product Details

Koller CV series Industrial  Ice Cube Machine


Our ice cube machine can produce from 1 ton to 25 tons cube ice per day. Many choice for your ice plant.

The ice cube is very clean and sanitary for human consumption used for bar, restaurent, hotels.
The operation of ice machine is very easy, Operation video and manual book will be provided.


Ice cube 

Ice cube size is 29mm*29mm*22mm or 22mm*22mm*22mm, which  need about 20 to 23 minutes to be frozen well per batch,  that you can have 42Kg ice per batch, and 126Kg per hour, in total 3000Kg per day.   

It adopt with water cooling system,  water cooling tower, water pump and water pipes will be provided by  us to connect the machine.   

 Product Description

1). Reasonable design for the framework structure with stainless steel 304, save space, and easy to install;

2). Greatly save energy, only 75-80kw power consumed to produce one-ton ice;

3). Ice dropping automatically, No ice dropping auxiliary equipment, lower the error rate ice outgoing;

4). Special ice outlet. Ice discharging automatically, No need taking ice by hand which can guarantee the ice clean and sanitary, meanwhile, it is matched with ice packing system to package the ice by plastic bags;

Main Components for Ice Cube Machine:


Name of Components

Brand Name

Original Country






Ice Maker Evaporator Grid





Water cooled condenser



Refrigeration components




PLC Program control




Electrical components


South Korea

Equipped with Siemens PLC central program control, which allows multiple functions such as automatic machine start and shut down; ice stopping production when the ice bins are full, Automatic water making up;

5). Easy controlled packing machine

Koller customers

Our clients is widely-spread in over 120 countries like Malaysia, Philippine, Indonesia, Vietnam, Papua New Guinea, Australia, Fiji, French Polynesia, South Korea, Cyprus, Greece, Belgium, Croatia, Ireland, UK, Jordan, Iran, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Lebanon, Sudan, Nigeria, Angola, Congo, Guinea, Guinea Bissau, Ghana, Cote D'Ivoire, South Africa, Mozambique, Tanzania, Venezuela, Surinam, Chile, Haiti and so on.

Nos clients sont largement répartis dans plus de 120 pays comme la Malaisie, des Philippines, de l'Indonésie, le Vietnam, la Papouasie-Nouvelle-Guinée, l'Australie, Fidji, Polynésie française, la Corée du Sud, Chypre, Grèce, Belgique, France, Croatie, Irlande, Royaume-Uni, la Jordanie, l'Iran, la Syrie , Arabie saoudite, Bahreïn, le Liban, le Soudan, le Nigeria, l'Angola, le Congo, la Guinée, la Guinée Bissau, le Ghana, la Côte d'Ivoire, Afrique du Sud, le Mozambique, la Tanzanie, le Venezuela, le Surinam, le Chili, Haïti, etc.

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Warranty: 12 months after the machine's delivery

For after-sales service, once out of work, you only need to send us pictures or video about the fault, we will mail you the solution to solve problems within 24 hours. If the parts is broken and proved by our engineer for non-personal reason, we will offer free parts to replace within guarantee period; if it is beyond guarantee period, we will charge market price for the new parts.

Delivery time: within 30 working days after receive the advanced payment

Installation: We will install and test the machine before shipping, you just need to install cooling tower, connect water pipes and power to start production. CD and operation manual will be provided to guide the installation. If requested, we will send one engineer to guide the installation and train your staff how to operate. It is free of charge within 4 days. Beyond 4 days, we will charge $100 USD per day for one person as service fee. The buyer only needs to afford the round-trip tickets and visa fee for our engineer. Meanwhile, the accommodation and food at the installation space should be provided by the buyer. As our engineer can’t speak English, the buyer should find a Chinese translator for our engineer.

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